数据的破坏 LLC

数据的破坏 LLC

数据的破坏, LLC offers fully mobile hard drive shredding - the 100% most secure way to destroy your important data.  With a 1400 pound shredder powered by a 5000 Watt Generator, the shredder can be brought to you.  No risk or liability in the transport of hard drives.  We shred on-site and provide a Certificate of Destruction.  All left over parts and shredded drives are then recycled!

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Operational Support Solutions



Corey Strombeck, Owner

1526 Open Sky Lane, Lincoln, NE 68522

网站: http://www.datadestructionllc.com/

On-Site 数据的破坏

We provide onsite hard drive destruction.  Your data is destroyed before we leave the facility and we maintain the highest level of data security.  100%安全! We recycle your electronics for free. ​

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction services are available in all of Nebraska, 爱荷华州西部, and Northern Kansas.  

Items which can be shredded:

  • 硬盘驱动器
  • 磁带
  • CD
  • 闪存
  • 手机
  • 更多的


Electronic Recycling

These items are recycled at no cost:

  • 打印机
  • 扫描仪
  • 笔记本电脑
  • 平板电脑
  • Audio/Video equipment
  • Cameras and Camcorders
  • 手机
  • 离心机
  • 电路板
  • Keyboards and Accessories
  • 医疗设备
  • 小家电
  • 液晶显示器
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Servers, Switches and other networking equipment
  • Telephone Systems and Controllers
  • 生物医学
  • 网络电缆
  • 安全设备
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