We are Experienced

30年来,ETC集团一直为提高建筑性能提供工程解决方案. We started doing this long before it was cool. Before ‘climate change’ was in the mainstream. Before ‘zero footprints’ were a thing. Now, let us bring our honed knowledge and expertise to you.

We are Passionate

新宝6登陆注册热衷于节约能源,为新宝6登陆注册的客户带来改变. Because it’s the right thing to do and because it makes sense. Why waste? 既然已经有技术可以大大减少商业建筑的能源消耗,为什么还要浪费时间和金钱呢?

We are Smart

While we’ll make it seem easy for you, we all know buildings are complicated. 新宝6登陆注册致力于为每个项目找到最佳解决方案,新宝6登陆注册绝对喜欢挑战.

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Operational Support Solutions

Phone: 801.870-3705

Primary Contact

Chris Jackson, VP, Business Development

1997 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84106


Energy Audit

ETC工程师有丰富的能源系统经验,在各种各样的设施,从大到小.  We also work in industrial facilities to evaluate and optimize fans, pumps, compressed air, chillers, refrigeration, controls, process cooling, process heating, boilers and steam systems, combined heat and power and various manufacturing processes.




Establish Baseline: measure and document building performance

Inspect Building Systems: Get equipment information and perform functional tests

Identify and Improve: Address control and mechanical deficiencies with appropriate solutions

Enhance Control: 修改控制顺序或直接控制系统编程(从设定值和调度到高级控制策略)

Share Knowledge: 培训操作人员使用已投入使用的系统,以保护和保持优化的性能.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Facility energy use tends to drift upwards over time.  Energy efficiency and performance gains are susceptible to “drift”, reducing savings from recommissioning or other energy efficiency projects.

Monitor: 部署SkySpark(现场或托管的云服务)并连接到您的设施的系统和设备

Discover: 使用新宝6登陆注册的分析包筛选运营数据,确定基于证据的能源表现机会的“清单”

Upgrade: 与合格的承包商合作,重新编程,更换或校准您的建筑设备

Verify: 验证系统的合规性,设备的性能和量化节约

Optimize: 持续监控kpi(关键绩效指标)和分析,以保护您的投资和改进的绩效. And repeat…repeat




Controls emphasis in all of our projects, including new construction. From scrutiny during design, through shop drawing and submittal review into functional testing, we've got you covered.

Whether move-in or seasonal changes,在保修期间,新宝6登陆注册一直致力于帮助您解决“老化”问题.

SkySpark分析——新宝6登陆注册很早就将SkySpark整合到新宝6登陆注册的佣金流程中. We use it from point-to- point through our optimization services, allowing us to focus our efforts where they are needed most.

Project Delivery Service (PDS)

ETC Group’s Project Delivery Service (PDS) combines our Energy Engineering Services 配合施工管理,简化工程管理,加快节能效果. Under this model, ETC集团是项目从构思到完成的一个联络点.

LED Lighting Solutions

Together, ETC Group and Vivid Energies 致力节省能源、改善美学及提升整体建筑性能. Using decades of experience and industry knowledge, ETC Group and Vivid Energies have helped customers in healthcare, higher education, industrial applications, and numerous others to reach their energy management goals.  After partnering with ETC Group and Vivid Energies, 客户可以利用照明和智能建筑技术作为提高效率的工具, increase comfort, and financially impact their facilities.

RTU Insights

RTU Insights helps facility management proactively manage 10’s to 1,通过监测系统数据并提供自动故障检测和警报,000个暖通空调屋顶单元(rtu).

Break out of the standard repair and replace approach to managing RTUs. By delivering rooftop unit performance data and fault detection, 设备管理人员可以在RTU维护中做出更积极、更明智的决策. 该产品线是供应商中立的,旨在与市场上几乎任何RTU的工作.