As life goes on, it is common for stiffness, arthritis, balance problems and postural problems to develop. Although these problems are common, they do not need to be progressive or permanent. With regular chiropractic care, stiff, painful muscles, arthritic conditions and other age associated problems can be relieved.

Henri Gillet, a pioneer in the chiropractic profession made the profound statement, “How we age is governed by the quality and quantity of our experience, especially as it relates to movement.” Which means, how gracefully one ages will be closely related to how smoothly and freely ones body moves.

Little traumas, poor sitting and working postures, and chemical or emotional stress of life will cause the decreased motion and misalignment of the body known as subluxations. After many years, these subluxations may adversely affect ones health and be the cause of age associated symptoms such as pain, balance problems, arthritis, stiffness and poor posture. With chiropractic care and correct exercise, these symptoms and conditions can improve no matter how old you may feel. Sure, chiropractic won’t keep you from getting older, but it will keep you from feeling older, and that is the key to graceful aging.

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