As the third largest health care profession, chiropractic directs much of its energy and attention to caring for the needs of today’s families. The chiropractic approach to health emphasizes the need to keep people of all ages subluxation-free. This means that it is our goal to help the whole family stay as healthy as possible through optimizing nervous system function via periodic spinal check-up’s and adjustments.

There seems to be a shift in recent years in the collective conscience of Americans in regards to health care. People are realizing that visiting the doctor’s office when they are sick is not really heath care, it is actually sickness care. Health care should consist of things we do to optimize our current health and prevent future health problems.

The changing awareness and desire for better health is seen in the observation of growing industries such as health clubs, organically grown foods, and production of vitamins and other supplements. People are beginning to realize chiropractic care is an integral part of this trend. When the body is kept in balance, aligned and moving properly, through chiropractic maintenance, the nervous system functions as it should thus better health and overall wellness are the result.

Most parents will take their children to visit the dentist to check for cavities, receive fluoride treatment, and have their teeth cleaned. A child’s spine is no less important. A brief scoliosis screening which is performed by a P.E. teacher or school nurse is not enough. Children need to be checked for subluxations and postural imbalances by a doctor specifically trained to recognize and treat these problems.

The best time to correct subluxations is when the individual is young enough to respond quickly to treatment and before symptoms arise. Chiropractic should be integral part of total wellness. Due to chiropractic’s ability to safely enhance health and prevent diseases, every family member, regardless of age, will benefit from chiropractic wellness care.

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