These are some frequently asked questions:

1. What is subluxation?

2. What is Chiropractic?

3. Do I have a slipped disc?

4. Is my nerve pinched?

5. Why do I have subluxations?

6. How can I have Subluxation without pain?

7. Can my body heal itself without chiropractic care?

8. What are adjustments?

9. What causes the sound when I get adjusted?

10. Is Chiropractic safe?

11. Why would my adjustment differ from someone else’s?

12. Can I adjust my self?

13. Once I start, do I have to get adjusted for the rest of my life?

14. I had surgery, can I still be adjusted?

15. Can I receive medication from my chiropractor?

16. Will I immediately feel better?

17. With my osteoporosis, can I still see a chiropractor?

18. Should my infant see a chiropractor?

19. My insurance does not cover chiropractic, what now?

20. Is chiropractic care guaranteed to help my condition?

21. I have some more questions.


Q: What is subluxation?

A: You are an organism and your ability to self-heal is controlled by your nervous system. The nervous system sends information from your brain through the spinal cord to all parts of your body. This flow of information can become compromised if bones are improperly aligned (an incomplete dislocation of a bone in a joint). This is called SUBLUXATION. When the flow is obstructed, vital organs and tissues will cease to function optimally. Adjustments of specific areas can correct the information flow between the body and the brain as well as improve your health.

Q: What is Chiropractic?

A: A branch of the healing arts which focuses on the detection and correction of subluxations in the body to enhance the function of the nervous system so that the body may heal itself and function optimally.

Q: Do I have a slipped disc?

A: No. Discs do not slip out of place. They are in a fixed position, attached to the bones in the spinal column. Discs herniated, tear, bulge, dry out and collapse, but they do not slip.

Q: Is my nerve pinched?

A: Most likely not. It is more common to have a spinal bone or a protrusion on a disc touching a nerve, this can affect the information sent between your brain and the organs and tissue in your body. It is important to have these subluxations corrected.

Q: Why do I have subluxations?

A: Basically there are three causes of subluxations, Physical, emotional and chemical. Physical causes refer to any trauma that might have occurred to your body. (I.e. Sport encounters, accidents, improper repetitive motion, and bad posture. Strong Emotions like sadness, anger, depression, fear, and hyper exuberance can also cause subluxations. And finally, Chemical causes including addictions like alcoholism and drugs, but also including bad dietary habits and air pollution.

Q: How can I have Subluxation without pain?

A: Since the initial stages of many diseases can go undetected, subluxations can be present long before warning signs are felt. Your chiropractor can do a full examination, detect subluxations in their initial stages, and then make recommendations to get you on the road to wellness.

Q: Can my body heal itself without chiropractic care?

A: Subluxations are caused by injury and illness. Although the body has the ability to heal itself in some situations, chiropractic care can correct many aliments and will always speed the natural healing process.

Q: What are adjustments?

A: Adjustments remove subluxations. They are purposeful, specific interventions intended to re-align joints and make them move correctly. This usually involves a quick action from your chiropractor. Other times this can be done by machines and instruments with specially designed chiropractic tables, or simply by the force of gravity.

Q: What causes the sound when I get adjusted?

A: Gasses and fluids in your joints shift with adjusting methods. This can cause “popping” or “cracking” sounds to occur. Even though these sounds commonly are thought of as indications of a good adjustment, in reality the value of your adjustment is not related to sounds.

Q: Is Chiropractic safe?

A: Yes. Research and continual training provides your chiropractic doctor with the most up-to-date medical information and skills. And by providing alternatives to drugs and surgery, chiropractic is defiantly the safest treatment option. You actually have 20 times the risk of experiencing a bad side effect from taking one aspirin then from receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

Q: Why would my adjustment differ from someone else’s?

A: Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to detect and remove subluxations. Some patients respond better to one technique than to another. This may be why you do not receive the same treatment that a friend might have.

Q: Can I adjust myself?

A: No. Many people like to make their joints “crack”, but that is not an adjustment. Often more harm than good comes from a self-adjustment. Damage can occur if the joint has weak muscles and ligaments. Even chiropractors go to colleagues for adjustments and consultations.

Q: Once I start, do I have to get adjusted for the rest of my life?

A: There is no evidence or reason to suggest that you will need continual treatment after you receive an initial chiropractic adjustment. However, once you have become symptom free, it is wise to receive some type of maintenance treatment; Consider your dentist, regular maintenance helps you to avoid serious tooth decay. Without the proper attention your skeletal structure, like your teeth, will deteriorate over time, causing long term healthcare problems.

Q: I had surgery, can I still be adjusted?

A: Of course. Your chiropractor will take your surgery into consideration. Often surgery causes instabilities above or below the area involved in the surgery. Your chiropractor can help you recover from surgery.

Q: Can I receive medication from my chiropractor?

A: Chiropractors do not write prescriptions. They focus on holistic, natural treatments to control and eliminate pain. There are several ways to reduce pain including ice and electrical treatments. Ask your chiropractor about these methods. You will find that, instead of just masking a problem by using medications chiropractors will work on eliminating the causes.

Q: Will I immediately feel better?

A: This all depends on the severity of your problem. Some patients experience instant relief, while others feel relief incrementally. There are many factors that contribute to how you feel and you chiropractor might not be able to address all these factors immediately. Some care and treatment plan may take longer than others. Factors that will improve your healing process include; rest, dietary supplements, exercise and your willingness to comply with recommended treatment.

Q: With my osteoporosis, can I still see a chiropractor?

A: Absolutely! Your chiropractor works with patients of all different ages and health conditions. Your chiropractic care will be specifically customized to your unique condition. You will find that your chiropractor will have a number of ways to help you with osteoporosis.

Q: Should my infant see a chiropractor?

A: Sometimes your infant’s spine needs attention after birth. Several birth methods, including “natural childbirth” can cause the need for such attention. Studies have suggested that colic, poor appetite, excessive or unusual crying, sleeping disorders, and even ear infections can be caused by spinal distress, Pediatric adjustments are gentle, and your doctor is trained to know exactly where and how to adjust.

Q: My insurance does not cover chiropractic, what now?

A: Remember that your health affects both you and your loved ones. Chiropractors can make you feel better and improve your health. What is the value of that? Talk to your Chiropractor, he will fit your financial situation.

Q: Is chiropractic care guaranteed to help my condition?

A: Chiropractic interventions will always improve your health. However, chiropractic care may not “cure” everything. Your doctor, along with others within the healthcare profession, is concerned about your wellness. If your health condition is outside the scope of chiropractic care, be assured that you will be referred to the right doctor.

Q: I have some more questions?

A: Please call my office. I would be happy to set-up an appointment with you and address your concerns, my desire is to make you feel better and make your body healthier. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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