Report of Findings

After you have been examined and checked for vertebral subluxations your doctor will explain to you what his exam and various tests may have revealed and how this correlates to your health. This discussion is called “Report of Findings”. During the report of findings, your doctor will discuss the cause of the problem, the treatment options available for your condition and how much treatment may be necessary. Below is a list of general conditions that may be found during the examination.

Neuropathology (Nerve Problems) – Abnormality in the ability of the nervous system to receive and transmit information from the brain to the organs and tissues of the body.

Myopathology (Muscle Problems) – Any abnormal condition of the muscle including, muscle spasms, tight muscles, muscle weakness and trigger points.

Histopathology (Tissue Problems) – Tissue abnormalities such as tight and spanned muscles, rough or arthritic joint surfaces and inflammation.

Kinesiopothology (Movement Problems) – A decrease in the free, smooth and painless movement of the muscles and joints through the full range of motion.

Pathophysiology (Progressive Decline in Normal Function) – Degeneration of muscles, joints, and nerves which cause pain, increased aging, and a decrease in quality of life.

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