Everyone who participates in sporting activities knows that bumps, bruises and other mild traumas can accumulate over time and lead to stiffness and chronic pain. The chiropractic approach to wellness focuses on restoring optimal balance and function to muscles and joints. Chiropractic treatment will help injuries heal completely, enhance performance, and allow you to stay healthy and active in your sport for a very long time.

The bumps, bruises, muscle strains, and other traumas caused by sport related activities may cause subluxations. When subluxations are left uncorrected, joint restrictions, tight muscles and excess scar tissue will result. The longer these problems exist, the greater the chances that dysfunction will follow.

We have all seen older athletes who have stiffened up over time and are now experiencing pain due to the accumulation of many untreated sports injuries. Therefore it is important to be checked by your chiropractor for subluxations when injury occurs. This will enhance you athletic performance and insure that you will be able to participate in the sport activity of your choice for a long time.

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