Work related injuries cost the U.S. Economy billions of dollars each year in the medical expenses, lost time from work, and disability. Research shows that for many musculoskeletal injuries, chiropractic treatment prevents surgery, is more cost effective and is able to get workers back on the job in less time than conventional medical treatment.

As our society has become increasingly technologically based and less dependent on heavy industry the nature of work related injuries has changed, Carpal tunnel problems, headaches, shoulder, elbow and neck problems that result from computer related work are just as common as low back sprains and stiffness from lifting heavy objects.

No matter what the injury may be, the chiropractic approach is likely to get great results. Chiropractors focus on connecting the causes of pain and results of the injury. This may entail directions in proper ergonomics, exercises, stretches, work station set-up, chiropractic adjustments, and other therapies.

It is our experience that many people suffer from some kind of pain, dependent on medications or are functioning below their health potential. We know that each person will have a greater ability to reach their full potential if their nervous system is functioning 100%. To save money, prevent future injury and improve employee health and productivity, chiropractic is naturally the right choice.

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